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Paris, 2019, 76 min

Vincent is working long nights in the Paris underworld. He has long since stopped dreaming of another life, but when he unexpectedly has to take care of his teenage daughter, Adina, his world starts to change. Lucky One is the second part in Mia Engbergs trilogy that begins with Belleville Baby. Written and directed by Mia Engberg.

Skådespelare: Olivier Loustau, Lorette Nyssen, Diana Rudychenko, Bruno La Brasca

Director: Mia Engberg
Screenplay: Mia Engberg
Producer: Tobias Janson for Story
Music composing: Michel Wenzer


Stockholm, Paris, Marseille 2013, 75 min

A long distance call from a long lost lover makes her reminisce about their common past. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa and the cat named Baby. A film about love, time and things that got lost on the way.

Director: Mia Engberg
Producer: Tobias Janson for Story
Music composing: Michel Wenzer
Supervisor: Kalle Boman
Voice of Vincent: Olivier Desautel
First Assistant Director: Åsa Sandzén
Stills: Christian Demare
Sound design: Jan Alvermark
Sound mix: Jan Alvermark and Owe Svensson
Additional Camera: Albin Biblom, Ewa Cederstam


Stockholm 2009, 105 min, shot on mobile phone

12 shorts of feminist porn produced by Mia Engberg directed by a diverse collection of swedish artists and film makers. Hardcore action and vanilla sex, queer and straight, flashing and fucking, provocation, penetration and poetry. The project is aiming to find new ways of expressing sexuality on film and to challenge our view on gender and erotica. Dirty Diaries was funded by The Swedish Filminstitute and has gained a lot of attention worldwide.

Producer: Mia Engberg
Directors: Elin Magnusson. Åsa Sandzén, Joanna Rytel, Marit Östberg, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Sara Kaaman, Ingrid Ryberg, Pella Kågerman, Jennifer Rainsford, Nelli, Wolf Madame and Tora Mårtens. 
Editing: Hanna Lejonqvist, Marinella Angusti
Sound design: Agnieszka Lewalski
Music: Fever Ray
Associate producer: Göran Olsson for Story AB


Stockholm 2007, 3 min, mobile phone

Faces of women masturbating. A part of the Dirty Diaries. Made initially as a contribution to the Mobile Movies competition at Stockholm Filmfestival.

Director, producer, editing, sound: Mia Engberg


Stockholm, 2005, 58 min

165 Hässelby is a film about Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and ”Dino” who live in the high-rise blocks around Hässelby Gård, about wanting to change the world; about painting graffiti although you might end up in jail; about dealing with Swedish authorities when you don’t speak Swedish that well. But above all, this is an homage to the suburbs of Stockholm, and to the people there. 

Director: Mia Engberg
Camera: Malin Korkeasalo, Ewa Cederstam, Göran Olsson
Editing: Eva Hillström, Daniel Jonsäter, Mia Engberg
Producer: Jenny Örnborn for Story AB


Stockholm 2001, 18 min

Selma has a boring job and a boring boyfriend. When she meets Sofie in the bathhouse, she can’t stop thinking about her. A feminist attempt at alternative porn; about being in love with your swimming instructor, and wanting to have sex with her all he time. The film team consisted of women

Director: Mia Engberg
Camera: Ewa Cederstam Sound: Marie-Louise Nilebrink
Set Designer: Kajsa Åman
Production: Lotta Suarez-Mazar for Sexy Film


Stockholm 2003, 45 min

Is it possible to make feminist porn? We follow the collaboration and discussions behind the scenes of the film Selma & Sofie. Sara and Camilla – who play the leading parts – come from a small place in the north of
Sweden, and have never done anything like this before.

Director: Mia Engberg and Nanna Huolman
Camera: Nanna Huolman, Sara Swanson
Sound: Sara Swansson, Marie-Louise Nilebrink
Editing: Eva Hillström
Production: Lotta Suarez Mazar for Story AB


San Francisco 1999, 10 min

To be a woman and then become a man when you live together with a dyke that might actually be a gay man. What is manhood? Will you become a better man if you know how it is to be a woman? A film on gender-bending in San Francisco.

Director, camera and editing: Mia Engberg
Sound: Anna Hallberg


San Francisco 1999, 5 min

A portrait of the punk legend Jello Biafra. The film includes archive footage from the early 80s when Biafra ran for Mayor in San Francisco. There are also images of the Dead Kennedys and Spoken Word performances with Jello Biafra today.

Director, camera and editing: Mia Engberg
Sound: Anna Hallberg
Production: Mia Engberg for the TV-series Ikon


Vänersborg 1997, 28 min

A film about Anna who is an Animal Rights activist and Straight-Edge. ”I might be naïve, but I want to believe that the world can be changed.”

Director and camera: Mia Engberg
Cinematography: Ewa Cederstam
Sound: Frida Englund
Editing: Carl Javér
Production: Göta Film AB for SVT Göteborg


Stockholm 1997, 28 min

Kalle is gay, skinhead and HIV-positive. We follow Kalle and his friends. Henrik and Ibrahim during the Christmas holiday. They do drugs, discuss life and their hatred of people in general. They also talk about death,which they sometimes long for. It is Kalle’s last Christmas alive.
Nominated for a Swedish Golden Bug 1997. First prize at the Munich FilmFestival.

Director and editing: Mia Engberg
Camera: Ewa Cederstam Sound: Torsten Rundquist
Production: Anita Oxburgh Migma Film AB


New York 1996, 23 min

Three women came to New York to seek happiness and they all ended up at Parkside Residence, the Salvation Army’s residence for women. ”Even if I don’t become famous or even semi-famous I just hope that, at the age of
65, I’m not living in this room.”

Director and camera: Mia Engberg
Editing: Göran Olsson and Mia Engberg
Production: Lo Kauppi for Dramatiska Institutet


Paris 1994, 10 min, video

A film about children living in the streets in North East Paris. Most of them have African origin and come from families with many children and no permit to stay in France.

Director/Photography/Editing: Mia Engberg
Sound: Macalou Mamadou
Production: Ateliers Varan, Paris